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czech club

Club presentation



Acronym : KBO

Founding date : 1990


Count of members : 98

Annual births : 52


The czech club has been created on April 7th, 1990 by 17 breeders and EB amateurs, and was then a club for this breed only.


During the following years, owners and breeders of other breeds, new in CZ, and as rare as the EB, asked to join our club, which was the only one concerned by field-trial competitions for continental breeds. So, along  the years, we « housed » the Braque d'Auvergne, the Braque St Germain, the French Braque, the Epagneul Français, the Epagneul  Pont-Audemer, the Epagneul Picardy Blue,  the Epagneul Picard, the Korthals wirehaired,  the Bracco Italiano, the Spinone, the Portuguese Braque, the Danish Braque.


But, in fact only a few of these breeds are really produced here : Braque d'Auvergne, Italian Bracco and Spinone.  Among these breeds were only registered a few litters. The BSG, EP, GK, and EP-A only registered one litter.  PFP did for two litters, one a very  long time ago and one five years ago. BP bred two litters, in 2014 and 2015.


On the contrary, breeding EB in CZ startedas early as 1982, at the « Z TARANKY » kennel.


The situation of the EB is still marginal among the pointing breeds, as people here prefer german breeds, able to accept the hard german way of training. It is the usual way to train multiple purpose pointing dogs. It does not fit at all our friendly EB, a hunting companion with an open mind ! 

Club de l'Epagneul Breton - Founded in 1907 - Affiliated to SCC (French Kennel Club).
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