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Club für Bretonische Vorstehhunde e.V.

Club presentation

Hermann Wreesmann
Hermann Wreesmann Chairman

Name: Club für Bretonische Vorstehhunde e.V.

Acronym: CBV

Founding date:1978

Chairman: M. Hermann Wreesmann

Count oh Members: 303

Annual Births: 75

The CBV Deutschland

The "Club für Bretonische Vorstehhunde e.V." (= breton pointing dog club) has been created at Hamburg in 1978, by Mr. Friedrich Fährmann, and has now some 300 members.

This club is a member of the " Jagdgebrauchshundeverband (JGHV)" = Gundogs Association, as well as of the German Kennel Club (VDH).

The club pays very much attention to our own very selective "Breeding rules".
Breeding is only allowed to dogs free from any hereditary defect and fully matching the FCI standard of the Epagneul Breton. Furthermore, may only be bred dogs having satisfied to hunting tests, which include the work after the shot, such as retrieving ground
fur as well as birds, and deep water retrieving.

Nowadays the club has about 15 active breeders, producing yearly 50/70 puppies, which are sold only to hunters and falconeers.

The club organizes its own natural ability tests in springtime and autumn, and it also organizes every year a National Breed Show at Fritzlar (Hessen).

Since 2006, Mr.Hermann Wreesmann is the chairman of the club, and the board includes Dr. Andreas Essing (vice-chairman), Mrs. Gabriele Fährmann (Secretary), Mr. Rainer Betz (Breeding), Mr. Josef Müller (Studbook), Mr. Elmar Hieronymus (Treasurer), and Mr. Lutz Hildebrandt (Hunting tests).

World dog show 2017

 World dog show 2017 Here

Club de l'Epagneul Breton - Founded in 1907 - Affiliated to SCC (French Kennel Club).
Head Office : 3 chemin du Tuquet Blanc, 47300 PUJOLS.

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