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Welcome to the AICEB website !

Bandeau AICEB

autumn AICEB 2018

Autumn AICEB Championatship 2018 HERE




New Chairman CEB

After more than twenty years spend in the CEB's committee, Christian Gunther whished to let the function of Chairman which he assumed with strengh and dedication for ten years. He will continue to work till the end of his mandate in the committee as adminsitrator

Pierre Floiras, standard and work judge, man with practical experience and recognized organizer, who was since 2015 our General Secretary, was unanimously elected to succeed him. 
He thus presides since 28.01, in the continuity of the politics which we lead for more than 20 years, in the fates of the CEB with the only purpose to maintain our race at the top of its capacities in standard and work.

Pierre Floiras
Chairman Pierre Floiras

What is AICEB ?

AICEB is the French acronym of Amicale Internationale des Clubs de l'Epagneul Breton. That is an international association under French Law of 1901which aims to bring together all the clubs involved in this French breed. Enhance and strengthen the breeding and spreading the the breed épagneul breton including the collection of subjects from different national breedings and selected as the best representatives of the moment of the breed in international competitions at the highest level. Follow the evolution of the race of the épagneul breton promoting the maintenance in each member country of the A.I.C.E.B. the homogeneity of the type and specific work skills the breed in compliance with the standard of the country.Harmonize and as homogeneous as possible the judgment criteria of the breed épagneul breton, both in field-trial that in standard of exposure by indicating to the judges, the essential natural attributes and specific style, to be sought for improving the breed and giving them the correct and uniform interpretation of the rules of work and the standard of beauty, as stipulated in the standard of the épagneul breton country of origin.(FCI standard #95)

Click here to download the official laws of the Association HERE

The new DVD of the Epagneul Breton

The new DVD of the Epagneul Breton is just issued.
It includes full translations in english, german, italian and spanish.

Furthermore have been added some oldies filmed during the past century, at the mythic field-trial of Artenay.
Some of the people you will see are definitively gone, but some are still alive. They were just a bit younger then!

The price for one single item is of 15€ + postage. The CEB is only allowed to sell to registered and updated CEB members.

As the full price will vary according to number and destination, please ask Louis Ozenne for further information

The Epagneul Breton (The French Brittany)

"A maximum of qualities in a minimum of volume" so is the slogan of the Club de l'Epagneul Breton, concerning this small dog and its solid outlook of a real cob, all made of roundness.

Its open and brisk eyes, of a colour in harmony with the nose (from yellow to very deep amber), express by turns love, craftiness, intelligence. Very tender, eager, here is a lively dog who loves the long hunting days as well as it does appreciate the long periods of cosy life among its human family.

This is why, if it always makes the hunter happy by its behaviour when searching game and its poacher's mind, it knows how to satisfy the active family, fund of outdoor activities and long Sunday walks. This is why, never old-fashioned, it reaches very naturally its worldwide popularity.


Club de l'Epagneul Breton - Founded in 1907 - Affiliated to SCC (French Kennel Club).
Head Office : 3 chemin du Tuquet Blanc, 47300 PUJOLS.

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