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Matings and births

Looking for a Breton

Please note that the CEB selects «litters» or «matings» according to objective criterions considering :

-The Hip-Dysplasia (HD) test of both parents

-The outlook as soon as a parent is rated « 2/6-RECONNU » and so has been awarded an « excellent » qualification in a show « spéciale de race »

-The ability for hunting, by being successfull at a TEST D'APTITUDES NATURELLES (T.A.N./Natural Ability Test) for the rating « 2/6-RECONNU », or by awards in field-trials for the rating « 3/6-SELECTIONNE »

 For more details please refer to « RATING SYSTEM »

 NB : Please note that the question « CHERCHER SELON » will give, as answer:
-for MOIS REEL, the month where the mating/birth effectively occured
-for MOIS SCC, the month where the mating/birth has been registered by the french Kennel Club (SCC) , which may be far later than the date of the event itself.

 Last update : 11,2012 by Pierre Willems

Matings and births

show matings and births

Selected matings and births

Since March 2006, the CEB website informs about the matings and births with the indication : "SELECTIONNEE C.E.B.". Many visitors wonder about the criterions that open the door to such a free advertising. We are happy to answer.

The C.E.B. does not select breeders, but it selects  litters according to objective and clear criterions.

Are selected :

  • 1. all the litters for which the total of the rating of both parents is at least of 4 points, be it by 2 + 2, or by 3 + 1, provided both parents are officially HD checked, with a level of A, B, or even C.
  • 2. all the litters out of a champion A (automn FT), P (springtime FT), GS (wild game) or CS (french show) -all of these titles implying a HD level of A, or B, even C-, provided the other parent is rated at least 1-CONFIRME and is officially HD checked, with a level of A, B, or even C.

Beware : The presumable quality of a puppy will not be proportional to the rating of the litter it is issued from. As such, the puppy out of a litter rated 8 points will not be «twice  better» than the puppy issued from a litter rated at 4 points. But the genitors of the litter rated at 8 points will have satisfy to more tests about the standard and the working ability than those of a litter rated at 4 points. In both cases, the requirement about hip dysplasia is the same.

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